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About Orthodontic Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces are one of the best methods to straighten teeth and avoid oral health concerns that can be created by teeth that are out of alignment. Orthodontics can help all patients get their teeth, jaw, and lips in correct alignment to avoid tooth decay, prolonged pain, gum disease, trouble chewing, speech difficulties, and more. Braces can also amend teeth that are overcrowded, sticking out, or irregularly spaced, plus cross bites, overbites, underbites, and jaw problems. Although traditional orthodontics are usually linked to teens and children, traditional orthodontics by our dentists at Woodcreek Dental Care in Ft. Worth, TX can help all patients get a healthier, more beautiful smile.

What to Expect

Orthodontic braces for youths and adults are individualized based on the patient's needs and concerns. The duration of treatment will be based on the severity of the case, but younger patients generally takes less time and the patient will often avoid other dental concerns. The traditional braces are small brackets that are fixed to each tooth that are then connected with wires that lightly, but steadily move the teeth into their correct position. Patients should return to Woodcreek Dental Care in Ft. Worth, TX to have their orthodontic braces and teeth checked once a month by our dentists at Woodcreek Dental Care until the braces are ready to be taken off. While wearing braces, the patient may find it harder to floss and brush their teeth, but it is important to follow a proper home care routine and keep the teeth strong and healthy during the patient's orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Aftercare

Once the braces are taken off, the patient will usually be given a retainer to wear that will prevent the teeth from moving back to their earlier position. A retainer can be secured to the backside of the teeth or created as a detachable mouth piece based on the patient's lifestyle and needs. Patients should start a good home dental care routine, including daily brushing and flossing, and visiting our dentists at Woodcreek Dental Care for dental cleanings and dental exams.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance generally pays for a part of the expenses of orthodontic braces, but this is based on the manner of treatment and the patient's coverage. Woodcreek Dental Care in Ft. Worth, TX will talk with each patient's insurance company to decide the benefits and personal expenses. Woodcreek Dental Care accepts many methods of payment and offers financing choices for our patients to make orthodontic braces reasonably priced.

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A Healthy, Aligned Smile

A stunning, healthy smile starts with straight teeth that make certain your teeth, jaw, and lips can function correctly. No matter your age, ask our dentists about your teeth straightening choices and realize minor issues that may develop into bigger troubles, like gum disease, jaw pain, headaches, tooth decay, and more without orthodontic treatment. Thanks to all the modern advances and options in metal braces, our dentists at Woodcreek Dental Care can help you achieve your best smile.

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